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The Expat Center of the Vienna Business Agency is the go-to spot when it comes to moving to and settling in Vienna. Vienna is home to almost all nations world wide. It is a hub for international organizations, including the UN, OSCE and OPEC, and multi-national companies. Within the past seven years, the number of international companies that made Vienna their home doubled from 118 in 2012 to 266 in 2019. With 200 000 students Vienna is also home to the largest university in the German-speaking world. For the past ten years Vienna has received the award of most liveable city in the world.

Checklists in the Welcome to Vienna Guide help in the moving process.

Keeping this in mind the Vienna Business Agency puts a special emphasis on the settlement of expats and international companies. With this they have now published a guide both in German and English. The guide is called “Welcome to Vienna” and provides information about the city and its history.

The guide also gives expat useful information and checklists for the process when moving to Vienna. The checklist is a good overview of what steps to take from moving to the important topic residence permit, taxation, health insurance and banks.

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